About us

About us

Our Story

After a successful corporate career, New Orleans (“NOLA”) native Wendy Sanders moved to Italy where she took cooking lessons while her husband attended graduate school. Upon returning to the US, she launched a personal chef business, preparing Creole and Italian inspired cuisine for families. It was during this time that Wendy began experimenting to create a signature dessert she could give as gifts to her clients. She loved the intensity of dark chocolate and the richness of brownies so she decided to combine the two into a dark chocolate brownie recipe.

Initially, she gave her brownies as gifts to clients and friends. Over time, the popularity of the brownies grew as more and more people requested them for parties and as gifts. Finally, after seven successful years as a personal chef, Wendy made the decision to dedicate more time to her brownies and launched NOLA Girl Brownies.

When Wendy is not baking brownies, she enjoys traveling internationally with her family and sampling culture and cuisine.

What makes NOLA Girl Brownies so special?

First, unlike traditional brownies which contain lots of flour and sugar, NOLA Girl brownies are made primarily from dark chocolate- in fact, there is so much dark chocolate in our brownie recipe it is the first ingredient listed in our FDA approved nutrition label! We use only premium Belgium dark chocolate (which we melt to perfection), a pinch of flour and a hint of coffee. The result is a dense and intense dark chocolate delight that falls somewhere between a flour-less cake and a dark chocolate truffle.

Second, we hand craft our brownies from scratch and we make them to order, ensuring the freshest most flavorful experience possible. In addition to premium Belgium chocolate, we use only high quality ingredients, most of which are organic. We are a small and family run company. We have a passion for what we do and we take pride in creating the most decadent dark chocolate treats to delight our customers.

Third, because of their dark chocolate composition and texture, NOLA Girl Brownies can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, making them uniquely and deliciously versatile. Our customers tell us that our brownies are more than just a treat- they are a decadent dark chocolate experience to be enjoyed with a morning cup of tea, as a topping for ice cream, with a glass of wine, in a dessert, or on on their own. NOLA Girl Brownies also make a great gourmet food gift - from wedding favors to client appreciation and everything in between.


Our flavors and packaging

NOLA Girl Brownies are individually wrapped for maximum freshness and are hand packed in a rustic kraft colored box with a dark brown ribbon which makes them perfect for gift giving.

We currently offer four flavors